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Committed to providing you with quality and convenient healthcare.

SecondClinic is an advanced online teleclinic founded by a physician with an internal medicine  American board-certification  in Internal Medicine and with more than 12 years experience, multiple awards and several publications under his belt. 

You have a primary doctor but we are your Second Clinic for acute non-emergency medical issues that can be taken care of without a physical visit to a doctor. Why wait for hours in a crampy medical office when you can see a doctor over the phone, from the convenience of your home or office or even sitting in your car.


Our doctors, NPs and PAs will assess your condition over the phone,  video chat and provide medical advice.


If we feel your medical problem needs urgent attention or a physical visit to a doctor we may ask you to go to your physician office, Urgent care or ER or to an appropriate specialist. At least you will know what to do to take care of your health.  


Get medical guidance and treatment quickly without wait or travel. Become a SecondClinic member today. 

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